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Single Pilot Resource Management Pilot "Continuing Education" Courses

FREE for all 5 courses

Continuing safety education. These are online repeats of the live courses we give at FAA Wings seminars.

Our courses are easy-chair friendly with a relaxed atmosphere, sometimes humourous, and definitely interesting with discussions of many accidents and how their error chain breakdown can be applied to things you may do as a single pilot, to avoid these kinds of outcomes. ATP and FAASTeam Rep, Nina Anderson narrates these courses in her chairside chat format rather than a formal classroom lecture delivery. Each class can be viewed on your computer, stopped and started at will, and there is no test!

Please Note: Although the audio mentions Wings credit, we are not linked to the FAA website at this time as their new server cannot accept videos in this format. We are sorry but encourage you to view the courses as part of your continuing education for your flying safety!

Why SPRM? Because professional flight crews are required to employ cockpit resource management techinques. But, what about the pilot that flies solo? Shouldn't he/she learn similar safety techniques only tailored to one pilot? Absolutely... and that's why the FAA Wings program has offered these at regional events. Now you can enjoy this comprehensive training on your own computer...

Each course is approximately :45 minutes in length.

Click the following links to launch the course videos.