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BSU offers program with Cape Air and Jet BlueJune 30 2016--NEW BEDFORD -- As the demand grows for more pilots, Bridgewater State University officials said they are proud to extend their partnership with Cape Air that allow their students better job opportunities. It is the strongest aviation program in New England, and it is one of the most affordable aviation programs in the United States of America, said BSU President Fred W. Clark Jr. At a time when the world needs pilots ... I think the timing is right to make an investment in our program, to make an investment in this place, and to make an investment in our students.Clark and Craig A. Bentley, senior vice president of operations at Cape Air signed a new memorandum of understanding and unveiled the 10-year-old simulator now upgraded with state-of-the-art technology. The MOU signed allows Cape Air to work with graduate CFIs and create prospective pilots who have the opportunity to work with Cape Air or Jet Blue, Bentley said.

Need a job? Right now, Cape Air is down 20-25 pilots. Now, the airline is hiring pilots and many are coming through the Gateway Program; the JetBlue University Gateway Program has a partnership at six universities in the United States which students apply to to then complete an internship at Cape Air, ExpressJet, or JetBlue, flight instruct for a year at their educational institution, and then transition to flying at Cape Air or ExpressJet. After gaining 2-3 years of experience and accruing approximately 3500 flight hours, the Gateway Program aviator can then transition to JetBlue in a First Officer position. This talent pipeline was one of the first of its kind and has proved to be a great way to flow pilots from their respective AABI-accredited universities all the way to JetBlue.

Resumes Ready? FAA Says "We're Hiring!" The FAA is set to hire 10,000 controllers over the next decade, with more than 6,000 in the next five years. In addition to air traffic controllers, the FAA also employs specialized electronics technicians called technical operations specialists who install, evaluate, maintain, modify and certify facilities, services and equipment that support the national airspace system. This includes radar, weather and other electronic systems that assist controllers and pilots flying in the United States. Other jobs include aviation safety inspectors who generally have years of experience in aviation as pilots or mechanics. Information on these and other career fields is available on the FAA's jobs website. As with all federal jobs, you must apply through the government jobs website at faa.usajobs
In addition to any specific requirements, you must be a United States citizen and be able to pass a security background check.

Following the dream makes you poor The Air Line Pilots Association, as part of its argument that low pay is the reason U.S. airlines can't attract enough pilot candidates, has put out a list of the 10 U.S. airlines with the lowest starting pay. In each case, the salary listed is what a first officer (co-pilot) would earn in his or her first year on the job. Pilots start at airlines as first officers. They can move up to captain if they stay long enough to get enough seniority. 10 Lowest-Paying Airlines Estimated First-Year Salary as of July 20, 2014

  • Great Lakes $14,616
  • Silver Airways $18,693
  • SkyWest Airlines $20,064
  • Mesa Airlines $20,183
  • GoJet Airlines $20,504
  • Republic/Shuttle/Chautauqua $20,655
  • ExpressJet Airlines $20,745
  • Atlantic Southeast Airlines $20,907
  • Trans States Airlines $21,531
  • PSA Airlines $21,600

"The rock-bottom starting pay offered by regional airlines has become a serious deterrent for anyone considering becoming an airline pilot or, if they are already qualified, for choosing to work in the profession in the United States," ALPA president Lee Moak said. Boeing on Wednesday, in its "2014 Pilot and Technician Outlook," projected 533,000 new commercial airline pilots will be needed over the next 20 years (through 2033). North America will need the third most behind the Asia-Pacific and European regions.

  • - Asia Pacific - 216,000 pilots
  • - Europe - 94,000 pilots
  • - North America - 88,000 pilots
  • - Middle East - 55,000 pilots
  • - Latin America - 45,000 pilots
  • - Russia and CIS - 18,000 pilots
  • - Africa - 17,000 pilots

By Terry Maxon

New...sign on bonus! On April 9, 2014 Silver Airways Inc., a small carrier based in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., cited a "nationwide shortage of regional airline pilots" as a primary reason for its decision to stop service between Atlanta and five Southern cities. Silver had been offering $6,000 hiring bonuses to attract first officers. On April 3, it increased the bonus to $12,000.

LeTourneau University expanded its pilot pipeline program in May 2014 with an agreement to put graduates in the cockpit with SkyWest Airlines. The arrangement with the Utah-based regional carrier comes seven months after a similar agreement was made with American Eagle Airlines to provide a direct pathway for graduates to land employment. Brad Wooden, a former SkyWest pilot who's been a flight instructor at LeTourneau for nine years, said the requirements for the program will be slightly different than under the American Eagle program, but the goal for success in transitioning students into a career as a commercial pilot is the same.

CFI needed by Recurrent Training Center (simulators) in Champaign IL. Part-time to become full time. Contact Mary:

Job Placement Firms:

JS Firm

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