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Smart Crew Brain Boosterl electroBlast 12-electrolyte concentrate to pump into your carry water bottle. The great way to support your brain in dry environments of aircraft cabins. Electrolytes support neurotransmitters in your brain to stay alert and focused. No more pilot error!! Click on the product picture to learn more.


The Cool Shirt (Cool Suit) Port-A-Cool System is an easy, affordable way to get quick, instantaneous relief from the heat. A non-flammable CFC-free freezing agent is supplied on demand to the Cool Shirt®, making this system a favorite for pilots as well as for personal use. Our versatile, completely portable Cool Shirt (Cool Suit) Port-A-Cool System is your instant answer for quick heat relief. Click on the product picture to learn more.


Extreme Glare Sunglasses Extreme Glare:Blocks more sun glare than “Polarized Lenses” Can read Cell phones, GPS Units and all digital instruments without the blotches produced by “Polarized Lens”lenses. Blocks U.V. and most harmful rays in all conditions Wrap around protection on the sides. Strong/durable design Available in “Fit Over Eyeglass”style, fashionable “Pilot Style”, and in prescription lenses. Click on the product picture to learn more.

Plane art prints by Bevin Shively Many different whimsical designs for gifts or to hang on your aviation photo wall. Go to the Aviation Art page on this site to see them all. Champ727"

Abingdon Watches A fully functional aviator\’s watch that is fashionable, versatile and, most importantly, made for women. Choose from many styles. Click on the link to go to their website. abingdonwatch"

Two great aviation books. Flying Above the Glass Ceiling. Details behind what women went through from the 1800s to present to earn their place in the cockpit. Personal stories of Julie Clark, Emily Howell, Katha House, Karen Kahn, Nina Anderson and others.Click on the picture for more info. flygrl4CVR"

2012 Airborne Prophesy. A conspiracy novel surrounding the use of mind control devices that can be used for global takeover from the cabin of a Hawker jet. Lots of flying emergiencies, EMF weapons and more. An enlightening read that is based on current mind control devices, weather modification arrays, electromagnetic weapons and the power of the mind to prevent the apocalypse.Click on the picture for more info 2012300"

Joint Medic.. Anyone who has joint or back pain can benefit from this topical application. All natural - not only relieves pain but actually goes to the problem itself. There are many testimonials including one from the Founder of Fabulous Flying who cured her skiing damaged knee while using this cream. It's worth a visit to their site: See the testimonials on YouTube:

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