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FINISHED... YAY!!: We have recently created a FREE webinar on cataracts and joint pain help for pilots you can access online. Please check it out by clicking this link: Click Here You'll also see a Hawker landing, and a steep approach into Boston as well as the video in a Navajo.

margobook" neilinverted" neil2wtrmark" 9781624073489" Gifts for Pilots created by Pilots To satisfy an urge to give a unique give to an aviator, consider our Books & DVD page and Aviation Art links. Most of the gifts are created by Fabulous Flying's fans.

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idaroddogs" Iditarod Air Support idarodplane"The Iditarod Air Force is a team of 30 or so local bush pilots who fly from checkpoint to checkpoint-or dip down in between, should the call go out-supporting the sled teams like a flying pit crew. Their job starts two weeks before the race, hauling supplies into place. By the time spectators gather in Anchorage the first Saturday in March, the pilots are up in the air. IAF pilots like Bert Hanson modify their planes so they can harness dogs to the seat rails. Hanson once had the pleasure of hauling 22 sled dogs on a single run. Hanson is also the IAF's director of operations. Sled teams can send equipment ahead to checkpoints before the start of the race, and getting it there is one IAF job. Pilots also fly straw. Every team, at every checkpoint, is entitled to one bale. At night, as the temperature drops, mushers rip it open, spread it around, drop their sleeping bag, and settle in-dogs splayed around them, everyone sharing the insulation. Late in the race, when the dogs get sick, tired, or hurt, flying them home is the IAF's job, too.

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